I completed my B.Phil and D.Phil in Philosophy at the University of Oxford, and I am currently a Stalnaker Postdoctoral Associate at MIT. My areas of interest include metaphysics, formal and philosophical logic, and the history of analytic philosophy. My D.Phil thesis developed a logic and semantics for essence and ground which I take to regiment constitutive explanatory readings of ‘necessary for’ and ‘sufficient for’, respectively. My thesis was supervised by Tim Williamson¬†and James Studd and examined by Kit Fine (external) and Ofra Magidor (internal). My current research focuses on developing hyperintensional theories for: (1) constitutive, causal, and normative forms of explanation; (2) counterfactual and indicative conditionals; and (3) logics for tense and modality. I am also interested in theories of subject-matter and relevance as well as a number of applications of the theoretical resources that I have developed.

Contact: brastmck [at] mit [dot] edu