• “Logic I” (Fall 2023) This course provides an advanced introduction to propositional and first-order logic, beginning with the subject-matter of logic as well as its philosophical motivations, and concluding with the soundness and completeness theorems.
  • “Paradox and Infinity” (Spring 2024) This course presents highlights from the more technical side of philosophy, studying a cluster of puzzles, paradoxes, and intellectual wonders from the higher infinite to Godel’s Theorem, discussing their philosophical implications.

Past (Oxford)

  • “Introduction to Logic” This course introduces students to propositional and first-order logic, covering regimentation, valid arguments, proofs, and philosophical consideration of the soundness and completeness theorems.
  • “Philosophical Logic” This course covers non-classical logics, logics for tense and modality, two-dimensional semantics, and counterfactual logics.
  • “Metaphysics” This course covers a number of classic papers in ontology, modality, essence, grounding, the philosophy of time, and the laws of nature.

An Advanced Introduction to Logic

I am currently adapting a distant descendant of the open source logic textbook ForAllX to cover propositional and first-order logic through soundness and completeness for Logic I at MIT. This project aims to provide an accessible and yet philosophically and formally rigorous introduction to logic. Feel free to contact me if you would like to see a current draft.

Logic Notes

Here are some highly compressed Logic Notes (Nov 2017) for teaching propositional logic, first-order logic, and propositional modal logic. I hope to expand these notes to include further systems in the future, though the aim is to provide a compressed presentation in a uniform notation, not a full exposition of the systems that I include.