My research employs the methods of model theory and proof theory in order to study a number of different types of explanation. In particular, I am concerned with: constitutive explanatory terms such as ‘necessary for’, ‘sufficient for’, ‘what it is for’, ‘just is for’; causal explanatory terms such as ’caused’ and ‘makes’; and normative explanatory terms such as ‘reason for’. I am also interested in counterfactual and modal logics. My aim has been to understand how these common elements of human reasoning function in order to shed light on how we learn and think about the world, as well as informing scientific methodology. I am particularly interested in the application of these resources in machine learning and am concerned to evaluate the risks that these applications raise.

You can find my PhilPapers here.


In Progress


Fundamentality and The Self
World Congress of Logic and Religion
BHU: 22.11.4-8

“Formal Foundations for the Logic of Essence and Ground”
Wollheim Society
Berkeley: 21.9.18

“Philosophical Foundations for the Logic of Essence and Ground”
Wollheim Society
Berkeley: 8.9.18

“Grounding and Dependence”
Philiminality (Panel)
Oxford: 4.5.18

“The Logic of Determination”
DPhil Seminar
Oxford: 5.5.17

“Reductionism About Ground”
Oxford: 18.11.16

“Reductionism About Ground”
Grounding Grounding
Alghero: 28.10.16 – 29.10.16

“Grounding on the Cheap”
Pop Grunch
Oxford: 6.6.16

“A Real Definition of Non-Actuality”
Ockham Society
Oxford: 21.10.15

“Early Interpretations of the Barcan Formula”
Women in Early Analytic Philosophy
Ghent: 5.10.15

“Getting Down to the Ground”
Ockham Society
Oxford: 20.11.14

Conferences & Societies

Jowett Society
Oxford: 2016-17

Structure in Metaphysics
Organised with Annina Loets
Oxford: 30.5.2015 – 1.6.2015

Jowett Society
Oxford: 2015-16

Reading Groups

MLE Seminar
Oxford: 2015-18

Modal Logic as Metaphysics
Oxford: Trinity 2015

Modal Logic as Metaphysics
Berkeley: Summer 2014

Writing the Book of the World
Harvard/MIT: Spring 2012

Sample Handouts

Angellic Content
Oxford: 6.11.2015